Style CuttingStylistPrincipal StylistMaster Stylist
Ladies Long Course/Restyle$80$95$100
Ladies Style Cut $65$80$85
Fringe Trim$10$10$10
Men’s long course/Restyle$45$50$55
Men’s Style Cut$35$40$45
Men’s Colour & Cut$75$80$85

ColouringColouristPrincipal ColouristMaster Colourist
Short Tint$75$80$85
Medium Tint$85$95$105
Long Tint$110$115$125

FoilingColouristPrincipal ColouristMaster Colourist
1/4 Head$75$85$95
1/2 Head$100$125$135
3/4 Head$150$165$185
Full Head$180$205$225

OmbreColouristPrincipal ColouristMaster Colourist
Short \ refresh Ombre$140$165$195
Long Ombre$195$215$245

Colour RefreshColouristPrincipal Colourist 
Pastel Toning$50$50
Glossing Service$50$50

StylingStylistPrincipal StylistMaster Stylist
Short Blowave$35$40$45
Medium Blowave$45$55$60
Long Blowave$50$60$70
Extra Long Blowave$75$85$95

TreatmentsStylistPrincipal Stylist 
Moisture & Protein$30$30
Blonde Pro Treatment$75$75

Keratin TreatmentStylistPrincipal Stylist 
Cezanne Classic Treatment From$295$295
Cezanne Express Treatment From$150$150
Cezanne Blonde Treatment From$330$330

Chemical Straightening From$130 – $370


Inquire within for services required for special occasions.

Up styles range from $70 – $130

We have different levels of stylists depending on skill level and experience. These range from Stylist to Master Stylists, Colourist to Master Colourist. All are capable of producing the work they are assigned at their respective levels. Our pricing structure works on Stylist’s skill level, time taken and amount of product used and are an indication only. Colour usage and time depends on hair thickness, length and texture.